Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy Monday!  All kinds of exciting things going on this week!
First off, thanks to some SL Glitches  I had to delete all the vendors on both floors, as well as the ones in the LaRosa building. SOOOO Kio got the bright idea...lets give the store a face lift and combine the 2 stores in One big building.

SO KAD had a facelift this weekend and is almost back up and running 100%!  On the desk at the entrance, is a gifty for all you patient peoples totally FREE!

The KAD Vendors are downstairs behind the staircase.  The GIFT BOARD is on the back wall as well.

in the left corner (if you dont like stairs or ramps) there is a teleport to the upstairs.
LaRosa, A&A Hair, aDn and Lizzi production  Vendors are UPSTAIRS.  We still have the Midnight Mania, The lucky Letter Boards, the RELAY FOR LIFE VENDOR, and the Monday Mania board downstairs on the right hand side of the store!  Speaking of Monday Mania... On to this weeks goodies!

 We have Misty Sunrise,  A light blanket of fog covers the ground as the sun peeks through the light and airy clouds.  This is the next piece in the Beautiful Earth Series I am doing. 

Beloved Jewlery

This week, Beloved is offering a Peridot and silver set absolutely stunning... a must see in person. The picture does not do this set justice.

Wilson's Closet
Wilson's Closet is new this week. They are offering this stunning Red Dress with a floaty skirt, that sways with each step. AND >>>> They offer the following MEN's Outfit as well!
This is called Closing time, A perfect outfit to end the night with that special someone...perhaps they are wearing the Red Dress above!

Loordes Of London

Also new this week... These Heels would go great with a nice set of Jeans, or long skirt.

Glitter is also new this week, with 2 offerings!

Janice is the CUTEST lil jean Mini that i have ever seen!it covers JUST enough to keep all eyes on you hoping for a glimpse of More!

Sasha hair... absolutely love the flow and curl of this hair! For me, Id have to have it in black! But my sissy looks great in the Coral!


Also a newbie to the blog this week!  these black boots are more stunning in person than they are in the picture and for only $50L they are a steal too! Better snatch them up before they go up in price!

FINALLY Id like to round out this weeks blog...By telling you about a group of people Im most fortunate to work with in SL.

As most of you know... I already work for the #1 Rock Metal club in SL... Deranged!

Recently, through Deranged, I was fortunate to hook up with FUZZY ENTERTAINMENT.
They are a group dedicated to bringing you Tribute bands from all your favorites!
Some of the groups they do:
ACDC, Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica, Bon Jovi, Halestorm, Lynard Skynard, Queen and many more!
Bookings are $3k but.. SO WELL Worth the show they put on for you!  They have many more bands available and if you ask they may be able to do a band not currently on their list!   You can contact BeaRated Resident or Wil Kanno in world to learn more about this amazing group and book a show for your venue!

Till next week- Happy bargain Shopping!

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