Sunday, April 29, 2012

Good Sunday Morning!  Coming up this week at KAD Designs, we have the stunning Photo of the Owachamo Bridge in Utah.
A stunning starlight night, with the moon-glow illuminating this natural bridge. 

In the Midnight Mania Board today we have Cala in Black - A strappy number sure to turn anyones head in your direction!
a Few of the Items on the UPCOMING Monday Mania List!!

Yellow Rose is offering the cutest little Tea Shed... Beautiful stained glass windows to let in all the light will make your garden complete! By Manda Braveheart

Next is a Gorgeous Chandelier Necklace and Earrings Set from Beloved Jewelry - By Kimbra McMillan...Honestly only one word describes this set... STUNNING! See for yourself!

Next up is Luna Bliss Skybox by Luna Bliss.  I Personally love all the purples and natural vegetation in this one... and multi animated for you to make your SL life more interesting!  take a peek at the picture!

There are MANY MANY more items in the upcoming Monday Mania List...and remember ALL these items run From ZERO to $50L each!  Some real bargains. Join the Monday Mania Group or one of theses Designers groups to get the entire list!

See you next week for an update!

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