Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tomorrow the new Monday Mania list comes out...HOWEVER... We have the Sneak peek you're looking for!

Today at KAD The last in the series of Beautiful Earth is being shown.  Huntington Beach in Ohio... a Lone Lightning bolt lights up the night sky and illuminates the water below!

As a Special for this week only... I have boxed all 15 of the Beautiful earth Series and set them for sale for a mere $200L!  If purchased separately the set would run you $1500L!  So if you missed out you can get the whole set deeply discounted.  The series is also available in the new releases vendor on the back wall.

Don't forget to check out the upstairs for LaRosa Clothing, aDN clothing, Lizzy Designs, and Alli and Ali Hair!  Midnight Mania board, Lucky Letter boards, and Gift Boards are all updated this week as well.

Now on to the sneak peak at what other vendors are offering this week!

We will start off with Luna Bliss.. an adorable little porch swing! its perfect in a garden or on the porch or hang it from a tree!  I made a short lil 3 prim frame for mine and it works wonderful...It has 5 animation choices for each person (10 unique animations total) and swings smoothly. It also stops swinging when you hop off.
 * These are animations and not static poses, and are for both couples and singles.
10 choices for both the wood color and the cushion textures.  It has a lovely sculpted shape and great textures for both cushions and wood.

Beloved Jewelry returns this time with a Gold and Aquamarine set that is more beautiful in person than seen in this picture!

Monday Mania jewelry items are exclusive for Monday Mania.
Earrings are 35L.
Necklaces are 35L.
Both can be purchased together for 50L.

All Monday Mania items are transferrable for the perfect gift.
Earrings are transfer only.  Necklaces are modify and transfer.

Chrysalis has this cute pair of Electric pink sunglasses with a resize menu that makes them perfect for anyone who adores PINK!

Curious Kitties hits the stage next with this Adorable Blaack Dragon Buckle Dress.  Mod and Copy so if you mess up you can fix it! the detail work on this dress is stunning!
These new dresses are mesh, so they move much more smoothly with your body then older designs=^.^=
*Please note: you need to be using a mesh enabled viewer such as the latest official viewer ( ) for example.
Also, [Curious Kitties SIM]is now mesh enabled so feel free to use mesh at any of the many locations!

Loordes of London returns with this cute Mesh Butterfly top. I loved how this fit on me! I hope you do too!

Reliquia Designs has this offering in both Rose and Green! it fits nice and snug and swings beautifully with each step!  High Quality, Low Prim & Affordable Items For Your Second Life.

Mindgames has these incredibly detailed red stiletto boots for you! I loved the zipper detail on the back!
WoW Skins is offering up a brand new skin for you!  This one comes with the 2 choices in Skins (one with cleavage and one without) the Shape, a Brow base and the lovely lace mask! Add your favorite Blonde hair and blue  eyes and you can be a Barbie Girl Too!

SF Designs has 2 offerings for you... One for the Ladies and one for the Gents!

and last but not least.. Top KATZ rounds out our blog for this week with 2 offerings for the Gentlemen!

Sorry Fellas I did not try them on being as how.. they just wouldn't look the same on me a female as they will you!

Thank you for reading my Blog! I hope that what i have put out for you this week enhances your SL Shopping experience! If you'd like to contribute to the Blog with an item for  your store just drop me a note in world and Ill be happy to add you to the list.

Till Next week.... Happy Shopping!

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