Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day to all  You WONDERFUL Moms out there!

Tomorrow the new Monday Mania list comes out...HOWEVER... We have the Sneak peek you're looking for!

At KAD Designs this week we have a Lovely Picture of a Mexican Beach. So vivid is it, you can almost smell the ocean and hear the waves crashing up on the beach!

Beloved Jewelry returns this week to the KAD Blog.
Earrings are 35L. Necklaces are 35L.
Both can be purchased together for 50L.

All Monday Mania items are transferable for the perfect gift. Earrings are transfer only.  Necklaces are modify and transfer.
This week She offers up a Pewter and  Bloodstone curved set that I absolutely adore! Wore them to a wedding and haven't taken them off yet! This picture really does NOT do them Justice!

House of Alisha is new this week.   Alisha Ultsch is the Owner there. She takes special requests for period or era type Gowns and clothing. Her item this week is a  prim based autobots equally suitable for decorating your home or enhancing roleplay on RP sims.  This bot simply sits in the corner and rocks the included baby to sleep.   Clicking on her gives a menu of useful options.   There is also a wearable baby available in the store. This maid uses 11 prims.   Other bots in her store use from 3 to around 30 prims and are available to suit every need. 

Redwood Rhiadra Designs is also new this week with a Golden Gynoid Avatar. All outfits are copy-mod, no transfer. They also come with a full-perms copy of the sale image - useful for reboxing or for some inventory/closet systems. Prim pieces may come with no-mod scripts.

Another New Member to the KAD Blog and Monday Mania this week  Is Mindgame Fashions!
they are offering a Fatpack of Jean Shorts.  Available in 5 different shades these form fitting jean shorts will really accentuate all your curves just the right way!

Loordes of London Makes a return this week with a brand new pair of killer heels. Asrid in Brown and Blue is a short boot Heel with amazing detail in the lace work and lacing on the back of the shoe. Much better in person than this picture shoes!

Last but not least....  I have had the Pleasure of knowing the Moonstar Fashion Ladies for going on 4 years now.  Recently I started to help with the store a bit.  Both Aurora and Vamilla are wonderful ladies, very giving and helpful too and they adore their Moonbeams!
Stop in at the new store (you can get there by my profile in world!) and see what they have to offer!

Watch out for rats tho...laughs.. Vami likes to put them on her clothing as can be seen here - her " Rat Catchers" Outfit!

I hope you all enjoy the Blog, I will be keeping it up (as long as my feeble mind remembers!) as often as possible.

Till next week.. Happy Shopping!

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